Any questions about the Kaseya Center or general policies during the day of events can be found on this FAQ page.

When is the Kaseya Center Ticket Office open?

The Kaseya Center Ticket Office is only open on the day of events. For HEAT games, the Kaseya Center Ticket Office will be open 3 hours prior to tip-off. For non-HEAT events from Monday through Friday, the Kaseya Center Ticket Office is open from 10am until the start of the event. For non-HEAT events on Saturday and Sunday, the Kaseya Center Ticket Office is open from 12pm until the start of the event.

If I purchased tickets to an event that has been cancelled, how do I get a refund?

If you purchased your tickets online, please contact the site from which you made your purchase. If you purchased your tickets in person at the Kaseya Center Ticket Office, please email to receive assistance.

Are children required to have a valid ticket?

For most events, including Miami HEAT home games, children under two years of age may enter Kaseya Center free of charge, providing that he/she sits on the lap of a parent or guardian. Kaseya Center recommends that guests with children under the age of two (2) years old bring proof of the infants’ age with them to expedite entry. Valid forms of identification are a government-issued birth certificate or passport. Guests 2 years of age and older must have a ticket to enter the Kaseya Center.

How can I access my tickets to a Kaseya Center event?

Tickets for all events at the Kaseya Center are mobile only. Tickets can be accessed using your mobile device via the Miami HEAT app, Ticketmaster app, or mobile web browser.

Are tickets purchased through third-party websites valid?

Ticketmaster is the only authorized ticket-selling agent of Kaseya Center. Kaseya Center cannot be responsible for the authenticity of tickets obtained through any other source and will not honor counterfeit and other invalid tickets.

If I am not driving, where is the best place for a driver to drop me off?

Guests that are dropped off for an event at Kaseya Center, including Miami HEAT basketball games, are encouraged to instruct drivers to drop off at and pick up guests from HEAT BLVD.

Drop Off Locations

At what time will the general public be allowed to enter the Kaseya Center on event day?

In general, doors open to public (1) hour prior to the printed event time.​

Does Kaseya Center prohibit guests from entering with certain items?

For the safety of our guests, Kaseya Center does not permit certain items into the Kaseya Center.

Prohibited items include:

  • Bags, purses, backpacks, briefcases, duffle bags larger than 10” x 6” x 2". For expedited entry into the building, we encourage fans not to bring a bag. All bags will be searched. Medical and infant bags will be permitted and must go through an X-ray machine.
  • Banners
  • Outside food or beverage
  • Bottles, cans and coolers
  • Cameras with an extended lens larger than 6"
  • Recording devices, tripods, and professional camera auxiliary lenses
  • Fireworks
  • Illegal substances
  • Laser pointers
  • Whistles, horns or other noise makers
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Drones
  • Selfie Sticks

Management reserves the right to restrict any article not specifically listed above. Management or Security personnel may request to inspect any bag or purse, entering into the Kaseya Center.

Are wheelchairs or wheelchair escorts available to guests attending an event at Kaseya Center?

Wheelchairs and wheelchair escorts are not available to guests unless a guest is involved in an incident and is being transported/seen by Fire Rescue.

Kaseya Center encourages guests who require the use of a wheelchair to arrive with their wheelchair. The primary ADA-accessible entrance is Gate 3, located on NE 8th Street.​

Once I enter the Kaseya Center, am I allowed to exit and re-enter using the same ticket?

Kaseya Center enforces a "No Re-Entry Policy." Guests may not exit the building and return without presenting the Ticket Taker with a valid, unused ticket.

I’ve purchased HEAT game tickets with seats on the 100 Level (or Lower Level). Will I be affected by the Kaseya Center’s "Break/Stop in Play" guidelines?

As a courtesy to all our fans, guests seated in the lower bowl will be asked to wait at the top of the seating entrance, until there is a break in play. A break in play is indicated by an official’s whistle. When the ball is not in play, the usher will signal to fans that it is the appropriate time for them to continue to their seats.

**Not applicable to concerts.

I purchased 400GA tickets that read "STANDING ROOM ONLY." Where is 400GA located? Do we have to stand the entire game/event?

400GA tickets refer to the "General Admission" and Standing Room Only (SRO) platforms located on the 400 level. Guests with a 400 GA ticket gain entrance into the Kaseya Center and are directed to either the East SRO platform (accessible via Sections 411-414; 417-420) if ticket is printed with an "E," or the West SRO platform (accessible via Sections 401-404; 407-410) if ticket is printed with a "W." The Standing platforms are located at the final row of the 400 (or balcony) level.​

How can I arrange a "Happy Birthday" message?

HEAT Games: The birthday greetings that display on HEATv during halftime are generally reserved for Miami HEAT Season Ticket Holders, Corporate Partners and guests that purchase one of our Birthday packages with Group Sales.

If you are a Season Ticket Holder, you may call Season Ticket Services at 786-777-1400, so that a Season Ticket Services Representative may assist you in posting your message if space is available. (Please have your account number ready.)

Non-HEAT Events: Regrettably, we are unable to display or announce birthday greetings during Non-HEAT events.

How can I obtain an autographed HEAT item?

The Miami HEAT supports numerous organizations and events throughout the South Florida community. Through donations of sports memorabilia, in-kind items, staff involvement and volunteerism, the Miami HEAT reaches out to the community on a year-round basis. All requests for donated items must be submitted in writing no less than six (6) weeks prior to an event to the address listed below.

*Please do not send items for team/player autographs in the mail unless you have been granted permission by the Miami HEAT.*

*Unsolicited autograph requests will not be accepted.*

The HEAT Group will not be responsible for items lost in the mail.


  • Submitted on organization letterhead,
  • Thorough description of the organization and its mission,
  • Thorough description of the planned event (including the date, time, and location of event) and any related collateral/promotional materials,
  • Name of beneficiary organization (to include physical address of organization contact's name, phone number, and email address),
  • Non-Profit tax exemption status and valid ID # is required at time of request,
  • Contact information of person submitting request.


  • Priority will be given to non-profit organizations within a 75 mile radius of the Kaseya Center (601 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33132),
  • Only one request will be honored per fiscal year (July-June), for approved organizations.


Social Responsibility Department/Requests Miami HEAT
601 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33132

Are laptops and iPads permitted inside the Kaseya Center?

Laptops are not allowed inside the Kaseya Center.

Tablet computers larger than 9.56 inches (243 mm) (height) X 7.47 inches (190 mm) (width) X 0.34 inches (8.8 mm) (depth) are prohibited during Kaseya Center events.

Guests will not be permitted to access the Kaseya Center's wireless connection.​

Are fans able to tour the Kaseya Center?

For the safety of our fans, we do not offer tours of our facility. During our "down time" (any time that we are not hosting a game or event), Kaseya Center personnel diligently conducts maintenance and upgrades to the front and back of the house.

HEAT fans may wish to regularly check for the most up-to-date information regarding Miami HEAT events taking place in and around the South Florida community.

How can I ensure parking on an event or game day?

An Advance Parking Pass may be purchased online, via, for most non-HEAT events, including concerts, non-Heat sporting events & family shows held at the Kaseya Center.

Purchasing an advance parking pass guarantees you a parking spot within our P2 Garage and ensures you will not be turned away when the garage is full. (Note: Currently, our Parking department does not accept cash.)

TicketMaster’s Convenience/Order Processing fee is not determined by Kaseya Center.

Does the Kaseya Center enforce its ‘No Outside Food and Beverage’ policy during family shows?

Yes. With the exception of special diet items for medical purposes and baby formula/food, Kaseya Center prohibits outside food and beverage during most events, including family shows. Guests desiring to bring in bottled water for formula, may do so in moderation, in a factory-sealed bottle. Glass jars and bottles are prohibited.​

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