Chef Partnership At Kaseya Center

Our exclusive Chef Partner Program invites you to participate in a dynamic experience that matches the excitement, inspiration and thrill of what happens on the court, and the stage, at Kaseya Center.

Chef Partners will be cooking for our most elite patrons during regular season HEAT home games, Playoffs and select concerts/events, giving ticketholders the opportunity to experience their concepts showcasing their dishes and talents in a very intimate environment, allowing for Chefs and their teams to mix and mingle with the guests before and after the service.

We invite YOU to take center-stage for an upcoming season of culinary greats, bringing their iconic restaurants to the most luxurious and exclusive experience we have to offer.


Premium Guests and Premium Chefs

Our Chef Partners will be cooking for our most elite patrons, our Premium Ticketholders. With the opportunity to experience the best restaurants in the country, Ticketholders are invited to mix and mingle with the Chefs before and after the service.


Programming Essentials

Our Chef Partners are requested to commit to 2 appearances throughout the season. Chef’s Table will feature signature dishes, cocktails and pairings made by the Chef Partners team, including mixologists and/or sommelier.


Location, Location, Location

The Kaseya Center, home of the Miami HEAT and also the award-winning event venue, currently #1 in Florida, #6 in the US and #18 in the world. We want YOU to be a part of that story! 


Games & Events

Our Chef Partner activations occur at each and every Miami HEAT home game, including Playoffs (when applicable). Select concerts and events may also be available. Each Chef Partner and their teams are invited into the building 2-3 days prior to the event to familiarize themselves with he building, kitchens and dining rooms. Doors to the Lounges typically open 90-120 minutes prior to the beginning of the event and continue through halftime.


Value Proposition

The benefit to our Chef Partners is the ability to increase the awareness and engagement amongst a very niche audience. The partnership with Kaseya Center and Levy Restaurant allows Chef Partners to engage directly with them, while also having food and labor costs covered. Plus, we invite our Partners to experience the ultimate in HEAT luxury  with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our facilities.